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Pebbles Place

Pebbles Place, Located in the Village of Chase BC.

I first stumbled upon Pebbles Place last November. Family had come all the way from Manitoba for a visit, and similar to many people when guests arrive to the area you live in, I found myself asking the question, what is there to do and see here? All too often we don't ask ourselves that question enough, forgetting all the unique places that surround us on a daily basis.

Being it Christmas shopping season, I decided a tour around the closest local town, Chase would suffice, feeling somewhat at a loss, and not truly certain what the stores would have to offer.

Walking down the paved sidewalks, warm coffee to go cups in hand, my eldest sister and I peaked our noses into several stores as we ambled our way down main street. It was a cool cloudy day and I was grateful we had picked up something warm to drink.

As we neared the end of the street we decided one last store before we would try and locate our Father, notorious for being on his own schedule, we had glanced down the street only to see the vehicle we had all rode to town in was missing along with him. Not surprised in the least, I said "He'll be back" as I lead my sister through the door way of Pebbles Place.

Greeted by the warmth, and a relaxing smell of incense, my eyes lit up as they adjusted to the room. Expecting a clothing store, I had been quite mistaken as I took in all the store had to offer. Local jewelry swayed on hooks, local coffee and candles arranged the shelves, unique pictures and paintings positioned on the walls, hand made intricate boxes from India, beautiful crystals and stones from several parts of the world, as well as the clothing items that lined the racks.

The store owner Tammy, was bubbly and smiled as she talked about different items throughout the store. My sister and I both left with newly purchased gifts in hand. Happy with my purchase, I reflected on the fact that I had no idea this store had such an amazing assortment of collected items and products. I was ashamed having been a small business owner before and knowing all the hard work that gets put into a place like this and recently voicing I had wished a store like it existed near by and here it was in my local town all along. This experience is one of the reasons why I am on the search of unique places to promote and write about and why this is the perfect place to write my first article on talking one on one with the person who created it!

This past April Long weekend I had the opportunity to attend an open house event at Pebbles Places and talk one on one with Tammy.

There was brisk freshness in the air as I pulled up to park Friday evening, as it was one of those spring days where it lightly rained on and off as I made the drive out to chase. Arriving at Pebbles Place I was again greeted by the relaxing smell of Incense and warmth, this time there was a gentlemen on a chair, lightly playing the guitar in the corner, beautiful meditative melodies filled the room. Coffee, juice, tea and treats sat on a table for guests to enjoy. People smiled, laughed and conversed with one another as everyone meandered throughout the store. There were multiple prizes and give aways throughout the evening and all around it was a great turnout for the event.

Tammy, originally from Kamloops, has ran and operated Pebbles Place for four years in Chase. Before opening worked at bookkeeping and retail store set up at wal-mart but knew she wanted to have her own place. When asked how she would describe her store to someone her response was,

" A cozy shop, that sells natural goods, a non wal-mart"

She sells locally hand made items, products from different parts of BC, organic hemp items, natural soaps and lotions as well handcrafted products brought in from different countries. Such as the intricate boxes made in India. Tammy also creates her own handmade roll on essential oils, as well as there is a wonderful rejuvenation tea her aunt makes, that is a must for all you tea lovers!

Pebbles was a nickname Tammy had from childhood. Her aunt made up her hair often like Pebbles from the Flintstones, and called Tammy " Her little Pebbles" When thinking of names she thought to use "Pebbles" as her shop is an extension of herself and creativity. Having had a chance to talk with her I think it's perfectly named, and highly recommend a trip out to chase to explore and experience it for yourself! <3

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